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The Pursuit of Excellence & Professionalism in Municipal Law Enforcement

WA Rangers Association Service and Integrity Since 1978.

The WA Rangers Association Inc (WARA), formerly Municipal Law Enforcement Officers Association Inc (MLEOA), was established in 1978 by a dedicated group of Local Government Rangers. This Association is not a Trade Union and does not become involved with individual industrial issues. Its primary agenda is to raise the professional working standards of Local Government Law Enforcement Officers throughout WA, and to further promote community awareness in the role of Rangers.

Having served West Australian communities for 40 years, the future challenge entrusted to WARA is to manage and improve on the expertise developed during this time. Through these initiatives, WA Rangers have provided a far greater level of service to their local communities and continue to further establish and maintain public confidence. It is our sincere objective to continue assisting Rangers, Local Governments and Government Departments to better service the needs of their communities by providing advice on urban animal management and other areas of legislation relating to Local Government operations.

We are committed to aiding the WA Police Service and Community Groups in combating crime, the fear of crime and anti-social behaviour whilst promoting community cohesion and mutual respect for one’s individual right to live in peace.

We are also committed to maintaining our association with National and International partners in providing advanced training programmes and information regarding responsible care, control and the welfare of animals worldwide and to focus on environmental and conservation issues.


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WARA Solicitors

Mr Tim Houweling (Cornerstone Legal)
Mr Peter Gillett (McLeods Solicitors & Barristers)
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