WA Rangers Association

Committee Meetings

During the WA Rangers Association business year (from AGM to AGM), a number of Ordinary Committee Meetings, General Meetings and the Annual General Meeting are held. Any current financial member or other invited person may attend these meetings as a guest and observer. However, only elected members of the Executive Committee or Ordinary Committee may actively participate in the actual meeting such as voting, motions or raising business matters.

If any WARA member wishes to have an issue or other business raised at any meeting, this can be done by contacting the Association Secretary at least 14 days prior. Contact WARA .

Date Type Location
Wednesday 30 October 2019 Committee City of South Perth
Wednesday 11 December 2019 General Town of Bassendean
Wednesday 15 January 2020 Committee Town of East Fremantle
Wednesday  4 March 2020 Committee City of Perth
Wednesday 20 May 2020 General City of South Perth
Wednesday 22 July 2020 Committee City of Bayswater
Wednesday 9 September 2020 Committee TBA
Wednesday 28 October 2020 Committee City of South Perth