WARA Website Advertising

WARA, at its Committee Meeting 9th April 2008, approved advertising on its Website through this “Notice Board”.

Council HR & Media sections. Why spend many hundreds of dollars on a small box newspaper add that may only appear in one issue and possibly be missed by the right person for your job. Hundreds of rangers, other local government employees and members of the public, visit this page every week.

Be assured that through this Website, word gets about very quickly!!


Advertising Fees

The standard fee for 1 X 28 day advertisement as described above is $125.00.


This may be for advice on professional matters or offering advice or solutions to work related issues. This is not to be used for personal or financial gain, is not a lost & found column and is at all times at the discretion of the WARA Committee as to what may or may not be published.

General Public

Where there is good reason and it is in the public interest, the general public may from time to time be permitted to advertise on the Website Notice Board at the discretion of the Committee.

WARA Sponsors

WARA sponsors may be permitted to advertise on the Notice Board in addition to existing advertising and links which already appear on other WARA Website pages. This is also at the discretion of the Committee.

Please Note

When WARA agrees to advertise information on the Notice Board, it does so in “Good Faith” and accepts no liability whatsoever! All persons and organisations must read the WARA Disclaimer and accept the terms and conditions therein.

WARA at all times, reserves the right to refuse advertising

Please forward your intended advertisement in a “Word Document Only” through the email link below.

WA Rangers Association (Inc)

PO Box 6

Como WA 6952


Tel: 0468 475 675

ABN 15 827 359 591

Request to use WA Rangers Association Logo

This form is required to be completed to make application to the executive committee of the WA Rangers Association for the use of the WA Rangers Association Logo on any Local Government uniforms, vehicle decals, advertising, promotional material or any other material as required. Read more…….


Local Government Councils are encouraged to use the WARA Website “Notice Board” to advertise information they wish to be published. This will include job vacancies, public notices, tenders or other information relevant to local government or in the community interest. This is at the discretion of the WARA Committee.


The WARA Website receives approximately 2,000 visitors every 30 days and has peak visitors of over 100 visitors on some days. Our Website tracking system shows visitors coming from not only WA, but from all over Australia and many other countries.

Advertisements will run for 28 days (or longer by special arrangement). Job vacancies will be published up to 28 days prior to the job closing date.

A standard advertisement will consist of up to 25 lines (font Arial size 12 as published using Microsoft Front Page and as this notice appears).

Live links to legitimate email addresses and Websites will be published at no extra charge, although the advertising of email addresses and Websites is STRICTLY at the discretion of the WARA Committee.


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