Quarantine Inspector Pool

CLOSING DATE: Friday 10 May 2019 at 11:45PM WST

About the Position 
We are seeking to establish a pool of suitable Quarantine Inspectors who will be part of a dedicated team with an ongoing commitment in maintaining Western Australia’s enviable pest and disease free status. In this frontline role, you will be required to identify potential biosecurity risks at the Western Australia/South Australia (WA/SA) state border.

You will have the opportunity to interact with a wide range of travellers and commercial transport operators; on average more than 80,000 vehicles pass through the WA/SA Road Checkpoint each year. All vehicles require inspection and the occupants questioned to ensure any biosecurity risk is identified.

Key responsibilities include undertaking inspections and associated duties in accordance with the application and enforcement of the Biosecurity and Agriculture Management Act 2007 and actively participating and contributing to the day to day operations of the checkpoint.

Successful applicants will have demonstrated experience in providing advice, interpreting and applying Acts, regulations, instructions, guidelines, policies and/or procedures. We are also looking for applicants who have demonstrated workplace communication skills.

About the Location
Working at the Eucla Checkpoint can be physical at times; you are regularly working outside exposed to the elements including sun, wind and rain.

In considering your application and suitability, please note the following –

  • Employees reside in the isolated and small settlement at Eucla, located 11km west of the WA/SA Road Checkpoint.
  • Eucla township is located 1400kms from Perth.
  • From Eucla, it is 5hrs to Ceduna, 9hrs to Kalgoorlie, 10hrs to Esperance and 15hrs to Perth.
  • Internet can be obtained by employees at their own cost. Only Telstra network is available.
  • Eucla has no hospital – there is a nurse’s post only. Medical emergencies require the Royal Flying Doctor Service.
  • The nearest shopping centre is Ceduna in SA and is 500km’s away.
  • There is no bus, trains or planes into or out of Eucla. The only way in and out of town is by private vehicles.
  • Eucla is the only West Australian location on the Eyre highway with a direct view of the Great Australian Bight. For more information about Eucla visit Tourism Western Australia

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