Sponsors & Links

The WA Rangers Association has established an international network of friends and professional colleagues.

We are proud of our association with these organisations and pleased to provide a link to their Websites.





Major Sponsors

Aces Animal Care

Aces Animal Care Equipment and Services

The ACES team have been attending WA Ranger conferences for a number of years.

Andrew Katers of Animal Care Equipment & Services (ACES) has been a major sponsor of the WA Ranger of the Year Award for over 21 years.

If you’re looking for the very best in animal control equipment, look no further!  ACES have it all!

PO Box 591, Moorabbin VIC 3189

Contact ACES Phone: (03) 9532 6069 Fax: (03) 9555 7829 , email.

or visit their website www.animal-care.com.au

The Dog Line

The Dog line 

The Dog Line has been sponsoring WARA since 2003, as one of the major sponsors of the WA Ranger of the year award we take pride in helping promote and reward excellence in service to the community and responsible pet ownership.

The Dog Line is making life easier for owners and dogs with Dog Training Products. If you require information on a Dog Bark Collars or a Dog Training Collar and the Pet Barrier FM Electronic Dog Fence or a Hidden Fence. For more information contact The Dog Line on…

Unit 10/15 Bonner Drive

Malaga WA 6090

Ph; 1300 843 364



Antunovich Design

Australian Parking and Revenue Control (APARC)

Address: 37 Parramatta Road, Haberfield NSW 2045

PH: 1300 307 441

Email: info@aparc.com.au 

Web: www.aparc.com.au

Bosston Auto Bodies

Address: 18 Catalano Rd, Canning Vale WA 6155

PH: 1300 368 161

Web: www.bosston.com.au

CellOPark Australia

PH: (08) 6145 3333

Web: www.cellopark.com.au

Central Regional TAFE

Central Regional TAFE

Address: PO Box 498 Northam WA 6401

PH: 1800 672 700

Email: info@crtafe.wa.edu.au

Web: www.centralregionaltafe.wa.edu.au

Colleagues Nagels

Address: 24 Denninup Way, Malaga WA 6090

PH: (08) 9248 1800

Email: sales@colleaguesnagles.com.au

Web: www.colleaguesnagels.com.au

Database Consultants Australia

Address: Level 5, 355 Spencer Street, West Melbourne VIC 3003

PH: (03) 9320 9000

Web: www.data.com.au

Duncan Solutions

Address: 15/39 Hebert Street, St Leonards NSW 2065

PH: 1800 332 929

Email: support@duncansolutions.com.au

Web: www.duncansolutions.com.au


Address: 5/321 Chapel Street, Prahran Victoria 3181

PH: 1300 734 070

Web: www.easypark.com.au

IT Vision

strong>Address: Level 3, Kirin Centre, 15 Ogilvie Road,  Mount Pleasant, WA 6153

PH: 1300 734 070

Email: support@itvision.com.au

Web: www.itvision.com.au

Pro Skill Australia

Address: 27/101 Collins Street, Melbourne, 3000

PH: (03) 9653 6480

Email: enquiries@proskill.com.au

Web: www.proskill.com.au

Smart Parking

Address: 854 Lorimer Street, Port Melbourne Victoria 3209

PH: (03) 8644 4021

Email: australia@smartparking.com

Web: www.smartparking.com

Total Packaging

Address: 16 Mallaig Way, Canning Vale WA 6155

PH: (08) 9456 3180

Email: admin@totalpackaging.com.au

Web: www.totalpackaging.com.au

WA Super

Address: PO Box Z5493 St, Georges Terrace Perth WA 6831

PH: (08) 9480 3500

Web: www.wasuper.com.au

Whelen Australia

Address: 1/26 Crockford Street, Banyo QLD 4014

PH: 0472 504 522

Web: www.whelen.com


Address: Exchange House 3/68, St Georges Tce Perth WA 6000

PH: (08) 9485 0725

Email:  info@zoodata.com.au

Web: www.zoodata.com.au

WA Police Force

WA Police Force

The WA Rangers Association is pleased to have an excellent working relationship with our WA Police Service. We appreciate the assistance and support we receive from police officers in the field every day. As an Association and individual rangers throughout WA, our members are proud and enthusiastic to support the WA Police Service in any way possible for a safer WA.
Web: www.police.wa.gov.au

Crime Stoppers

Crime Stoppers WA


DFES – Department of Fire and Emergency Services

Department of Local Government Sport and Cultural Industries

Department of Local Government Sport and Cultural Industries

Australian Institute of Animal Management Inc

Australian Institute of Animal Management Inc

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